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Beijing Tourism Green Paper "Beijing Tourism Development Report 2014" compiled by the Beijing Tourism Association and published by the Social Science Literature Publishing House was released on June 30. The report pointed out that in recent years, affected by multiple factors, the number of inbound tourists in Beijing has shown a continuous decline. In 2013, the decline exceeded the national average, which affected the realization of Beijing's "Twelfth Five-Year" tourism plan inbound tourism goals.

Green Paper pointed out that since 2008, the number of domestic tourists in Beijing has shown a steady upward trend, while the number of foreign tourists has a large gap with the number of domestic tourists, and the growth is slow and has shown a downward trend after 2012. For Beijing, the number of inbound tourists in 2013 was 4.501 million, a year-on-year decrease of 10%, accounting for less than 2% of Beijing's total tourism reception, which is far from the positioning of "world tourism city.

Green Paper also pointed out that although the number of inbound tourists and tourism foreign exchange income both declined year-on-year, in terms of quality and efficiency, Beijing's tourism foreign exchange income accounted for 4.2 times of its proportion in 2013, with a per capita expenditure of US $1065, an increase of 3.6 percent over the same period last year. Among them, shopping consumption has increased significantly, and inbound tourism is still the most contributing part of Beijing's tourism sector.

World's Largest Circus City Officially Opens Xiamen Enters New Era of Night Tourism

After two months of trial operation, Fujian Province, Xiamen City's key cultural industry projects, the world's largest circus city-Xiamen Lingling International Circus City's top circus feast, officially kicked off on the evening of the 30th in the charity sympathy performance, and Xiamen tourism has since entered A new era of night tourism.

, a visual feast of the highest international level of circus, as the debut of Xiamen International Circus, was dedicated to representatives of the elderly from all walks of life in Xiamen: nearly 10,000 elderly people jointly organized by Xiamen Municipal Committee on Aging, Civil Affairs Bureau, Disabled Persons' Federation and other institutions Representatives of the elderly experienced the shock brought by this world's top circus on the spot.

, in this first large-scale public welfare performance in the history of Xiamen, Xiamen International Circus City launched a postmodernist giant circus with the theme of "Life Legend" for the first time in the world. It tells the history, value and power of life inheritance. In the performance, the development, growth and evolution of life run through the whole process, revealing the combination of life evolution, development and science and technology step by step.

classic equestrian, Russian springboard, magic wheel of life and death, Kenyan acrobatics, chimpanzee show, British "bear" joint adoration, beauty into beast, kangaroo boxing, hippopotamus baboon, air ballet and flying car stunts, all of which are dizzying and thrilling.

, as the world's first and largest international circus tourism complex, has attracted attention and support from all walks of life since the construction started at the end of 2012. Xu Weiyong, chairman of Xiamen Lingling International Circus City, said that this public welfare sympathy performance is only the beginning of a series of activities to thank Xiamen. In the future, not only the elderly, but also all social strata, including vulnerable groups, will be the targets of enthusiastic public welfare activities.

public welfare performance will not only make people feel the care and care of the government and society, but also let more people understand and care for animals through popular science knowledge, and participate in animal protection activities together.

Observers here said that Xiamen is a famous scenic tourist city. At present, most of its tourism products are static tourism, lacking night tourism products and dynamic tourism products. Xiamen International Circus City stages the world's top circus continuously 365 days a year, focusing on night tourism and creating Xiamen's most distinctive night cultural theme park, which will fill the gap in Xiamen's night tourism and cultural tourism large-scale performing arts projects, promote Xiamen and Fujian cultural tourism industry into a new development milestone.

According to reports, Xiamen International Circus City covers an area of 350 acres and has a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan. It is mainly composed of the world's largest international circus theater, a super five-star circus theme hotel, a circus magic performance street and a natural specimen museum.