Personal tour to Taiwan is expected to break millions of tribes and become a new favorite this year.

Created on:2023-09-04 16:33

Yesterday, the national summer and the national XX adjustment operation chart started at the same time. Beijing XX Bureau will operate 512.5 pairs of trains, and the number of EMU trains will reach 60% of all trains. Yesterday, Beijing's first high-speed train to Xiamen took only 13 hours. At the same time, in order to facilitate passengers to travel, Beijing XX also opened two additional "red-eye" high-speed trains to the west of Harbin for the first time on weekends.

Beiqing Daily learned from Beijing XX that the two "red eye" high-speed trains are G2583 (2:32 south of Beijing, 9:04 west of Harbin the next day) and G2581 (1:43 south of Beijing, 8:46 west of Harbin the next day), which are concentrated on weekends and run from July 4 to September 1.

According to the staff, normal high-speed trains generally end operations after midnight in the morning, and the lines and trains are maintained and maintained at night. This time, in order to ensure and relieve the pressure of going to the northeast during the summer transportation, XX department will adjust the maintenance time and put it into operation at night.